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411 E Porter St Marshall MO 65340

Inspecting Your Future

Whether you are looking for a home or buying a commercial property I can help give you peace of mind with your purchase. I offer home, multi-family, commercial property, and 4-point inspections. I also offer a walk through service for time sensitive offers.  I am a certified home inspector and a residential and commercial inspector who is first time home buyer friendly. Give me a call to see if I can give you peace of mind with your next purchase. You can now schedule and pay online.


I offer several different services. Home inspections, commercial inspections, 4-point inspections, and walk through. I can inspect any real estate you could want to buy. Call today for an estimate at 660-631-1299

Suburban House

Home Inspection

If you are buying or selling a house, its always a good idea to get a home inspection. Buyers can get an in depth look at the systems of a home and see any trouble areas they might encounter before buying. For sellers, a pre-listing inspection will show buyers confidence that your house is ready to buy and allow you to correct any deficiencies found to get the best price out of your home.

Commercial Building

Commercial Inspection

If you're looking to buy a commercial property for yourself or as an investment, an inspection will give you details about the condition of the building and its components

Working Together

Walk Through

Are you in a competitive market and keep losing offers due to an inspection contingency? We offer a walk through in which we will walk through a showing or open house with you and point out discrepancies found. This is not an inspection and shouldn't be though of as one. It's a professional opinion on visual components of the house. It will give you an idea of the general condition so you can make a quick offer and have a better chance in a competitive market

About Me.

Im Derrick and I've lived in Saline county for almost 15 years. I'm an INTER NACHI certified professional inspector and will abide by their code of ethics. I started working for a building and remodeling company in 2001. After most of a decade in construction, I began my career as an industrial maintenance technician from 2008 to present. This history gives me a great perspective on the condition of any type of building to give you a thorough inspection. I will make sure you are clear on any deficiencies found and are left with no questions about your purchase. Contact me at 660-631-1299


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